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Disogrin® 7695 and 9250 are Simrit's proprietary compounds used for fluid power seals and are unlike any polyurethane in the industry today.

Disogrin® 7695 has been especially developed to be water, acid and base resistant. While many polyurethane seals are vulnerable to hydrolysis, or degradation by water, seals made of Disogrin® 7695 are compatible with both mineral oils and water, fitting a more diverse range of applications. Disogrin® 7695 is therefore specially suited for biodegradable fluid applications common in forestry, landscaping, agriculture, marine, oilfield and water treatment.

The benefits of Disogrin® 7695 are:

  • Compatible with water and resistant to hot water up to 250 degrees F, making it a possible alternative to chloroprene and EP rubbers

  • Compatible with hot vegetable and mineral oil based fluids

  • Resistant to acidic and basic solutions (pH 2-13) up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Off-the-shelf availability in empirical and metric sizes

Disogrin® 9250 is more robust, wear-resistant, withstands higher pressure and lasts longer than any other formula on the market. Disogrin® 9250 is used in Simrit rod seals, piston seals, cover seals, wipers and O-rings.

The benefits of Disogrin® 9250 are:

  • Improved compression set

  • Resistance to high pressure extrusion

  • Greater heat resistance

  • Increased wear resistance

  • Improved fluid compatibility

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Longer life

  • Off-the-shelf availability in standard and metric sizes

Disogrin Seals, Wipers/Scrapers & O-Rings

Industrial Seal offers a wide range of Disogrin products:

  • Rod Seals
  • Piston Seals
  • Symmetrical Seals
  • Wipers/Scrapers
  • Back-Up O-Rings
  • Wear Rings

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